handmade with care
handmade with care
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Tableware files

A project that tells one of the most typical and fascinating traditional processes of my city, Fasano, in Puglia.
Filet embroidery on net, made with needle and cotton thread, is an ancient and very valuable ornamental technique that requires two phases: the preparation of the net and the embroidery, which is done on the net stretched on the frame. Today few women know how to make it, working on precious curtains, tablecloths and embroidered stoles.
Bowls, plates and furnishing accessories in glazed ceramic become the new canvases of this refined art, made of glazed ceramic and decal, or with designs imprinted by hand in the white clay then glazed, to create a three-dimensional effect.
The collection includes plates, bowls, mugs, glasses, cruets and coffee cups.